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Kollerhülse, Koller


Laser deposition welding of Koller sleeves offers a service life that is up to 4 times longer than conventionally hardened ones made of, for example, C50.

Your maintenance and spare parts costs are significantly reduced. The availability of your system increases.

The geometry and material of the welded layer are adapted to the requirements of your applications.

Smooth roller sleeves with a module are possible.

Through the use of flexible robot welding systems, the most varied geometries of the hard material coating are possible.
The hard material layers can be welded onto new ones as well as onto worn pan shells during refurbishment.

The reconditioning of Koller sleeves reduces costs, downtime and resources. Significantly faster and more flexible than manufacturing new parts.


Depending on the pelletized material, corrosion protection through the layer is also possible.

Depending on the application, the hardness of the build-up weld is up to 900 HV.


Hammermill beater

The service life of hammermill hammers can be significantly increased by laser deposition welding.

All sides can be coated the same or some areas thicker, depending on the application.

The costs for the clubs and, above all, the costs for changing clubs are reduced.


Shaft protection sleeve

Shaft sleeves are used in a wide variety of applications. This results in both corrosive and abrasive attack on the sleeves.


Adapted coatings by thermal spraying or laser deposition welding can significantly reduce wear and increase the service life of the sleeves.

Maintenance costs are reduced.



More and more areas of agricultural engineering are relying on laser deposition welding of wear parts.

The fine process control enables the sequential armoring of precisely those points that are subject to increased wear.

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