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Orbital welding
automated, standard-compliant, precise


Orbital welding

Schweißzange zum Schweißen von Rohren

TIG orbital welding is a high-precision welding process that ensures perfect weld seams without seam collapse and root sag.


The parameters stored in the welding system ensure reproducible and consistent quality for every weld. This ensures the highest quality and meets the requirements of the standards.


TIG orbital welding offers a variety of applications in various industries.

It is often used in the food industry to produce hygienic piping systems where perfect weld quality and cleanliness are crucial.

In the chemical industry, TIG orbital welding is used for dHe manufactures pipelines and vessels to ensure a reliable and corrosion-resistant connection.

In the energy sector, it is used for the production of pipelines in power plants and refineries.

TIG orbital welding is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor production and in the area of research and development.


Its precision, reproducibility and high quality make it a preferred method for demanding welding applications.

The connections made using orbital welding are characterized by:

  • complete reproducibility of the weld seam quality

  • no seam collapse

  • Uniform weld surface

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