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optimal connections (Laserwelding, TIG-welding)


Laserwelding of the finest structures

Laser welding of a socket to the carrier plate


The finest, filigree components and structures can be welded very cleanly and with little distortion using laser welding. Almost all metallic materials from aluminum to steel to titanium can be welded.


The laser beam can be precisely adjusted in order to reproducibly produce the same welding depth to within a few centimeters of a millimeter.
The temperature cycles that can be achieved in the material also allow the welding of conventionally non-weldable materials.

Complex geometry and inaccessible welds are well suited for the laser.
From the manually guided laser system to the automated robot cell, innojoin can carry out individual repairs of injection molds, massive forming tools, but also the laser welding of pipes several meters in length.

TIG welding of thin-walled aluminum profiles

Optimal connections - everything from a single source:

From now on innojoin also offers conventional welding in MIG, MAG and TIG processes.

These additions to laser welding complete our range of joining technology. Now we can carry out a wide range of welding work for you.

We have a modern welding shop with these processes:


Laser wire cladding

Laser powder deposition welding

We process the following materials:

  • steel

  • stainless steel

  • Duplex steels

  • aluminum

  • copper

  • bronze

Both individual parts and series are in good hands with us. Above all, materials that are difficult to weld and that require special processes are our specialty.


Welding of challenging materials

TIG welding of GG25


Some materials are more demanding and difficult to weld due to their chemical composition, their geometry or the requirements in the application. With the help of suitable heat treatment (pre- and post-heating in your own furnace), difficult materials can also be welded.
The in-house laboratory offers the possibility to carry out quick analyzes with regard to hardness progression or seam cross-section directly.

innojoin stands for innovative joining technology - that is, demanding welding tasks are our passion. Special challenges in terms of geometry, material, documentation or certification are our daily motivation to enjoy going to work.

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