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innojoin is the exclusive trading partner of Indium Corporation for nanofoil® 

Reaktive Nanofolie Zündung

Reactive nanofoils

Reactive nanofoils represent an innovative joining technology that creates stable connections within milliseconds with extremely low and locally limited heat input, which means that new types of soldering and joining processes can be realized.

Your advantages when joining with nanofilms

  • Joining at room temperature: No heating of the components by the local heat source, in contrast to standard soldering processes such as B. when reflow soldering

  • No structural changes in the base material due to the low energy input

  • Minimal thermal influence on temperature-sensitive components, as the heat only acts for a short time

  • Low-stress connection of materials with significantly different thermal expansion coefficients possible (e.g. aluminum/steel, ceramic/steel, glass/copper)

  • Flux-free process, i.e. H. no organic residues on the substrates

  • Process flexibility: Degrees of freedom in lot selection and process sequence

  • Extremely fast and precise joining

  • Flat connection with good thermal and electrical conductivity

  • No outgassing and no aging in the joining zone

  • Joining process possible in a vacuum because no oxygen is necessary

  • Use of quality assurance procedures such as ultrasound and computer tomography possible

  • High joint quality due to very low error rates (<2%)

Logo indium

Nanofoil® from Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation has ramped up NanoFoil® production to high volume in an ISO certified process and is committed to ensuring customers can realize the technical and economic benefits of NanoFoil®.
This reactive multilayer film is made by vapor deposition of thousands of alternating nanoscale layers of aluminum (Al) and nickel (Ni). When activated by a small local pulse of energy from electrical, optical or thermal sources, the film reacts exothermically to produce pinpoint heat up to 1500°C in a fraction of a second.

With a speed of about eight meters per second, the fast response combined with its local and versatile nature makes it ideal for many types of binding and reaction initiation (energetics) applications.


Scope of services innojoin

The Nanofoil® produces indium in thicknesses of 40µ and 60µ - ideal for target production.

In addition to the pure trading of Indium's Nanofoil® in Europe, innojoin takes over:

- technical advice on bonding using nanofoil

- Carrying out preliminary tests / parameter studies in our in-house laboratory

- precise cuts of required geometries - from quantities 1 to n

- Tinning of the foil on both sides to improve the joint connection

We will be happy to provide you with technical advice and create a tailor-made offer.

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